TV Series Lost Its Head over Anne Boleyn

Article excerpt

POOR Anne Boleyn. even after all these years her reputation is still besmirched (Mail), which seems so unfair -- and the salacious picture presented to the public is from the historically inaccurate The Tudors series.

As a lady who managed to keep a king enthralled for seven years before he was free to marry her, and whose married life was spent trying to give that king a son, she would have been unlikely to risk everything by engaging in extramarital affairs, particularly as her elder sister, Mary, had, she felt, brought shame on her family with her well-documented affairs, which often ended in pregnancy.

her greatest crimes were laughing at her husband, henry VIII, being very intelligent and surrounding herself with witty, like-minded followers.

MAGGIE PERKOVIC, Isles of Scilly.

TheRe are some facts to bear in mind about the supposed adultery (Mail) of Anne Boleyn, my ancestor.

I believe Anne was innocent. The French, supporters of Anne when it suited them, were annoyed when she and henry VIII made overtures to the Spanish after the death of Katherine of Aragon, henry's first wife. …