Ban Bankers' Payouts; Your Letters

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I ALWAYS thought bankers were good with figures and managing money but it seems that's pie in the sky - unless they're the beneficiaries.

How on earth can the Government allow Lloyds, which was given pounds 20billion of taxpayers' money, to hand out pounds 200million in bonuses to staff after it announced losses of pounds 6.3bn (Mirror, February 27)? Its bosses are using the outdated excuse that, without bonuses, their best people will quit.

But if losing over pounds 6bn is the best their best people can do, what would their losses be under poor staff.

We have gone overboard with assistance to banks and now they are slapping us in the face.

It's no wonder union leaders are up-in-arms about wages and thousands out of work when they read banks are rewarding staff for almost bringing the country to its knees.

Tom Baxter, Denny, Stirlingshire

HOW can Royal Bank of Scotland justify paying pounds 1.3billion in bonuses when last year it made a loss of more than pounds 3bn? The City excuses it by saying that if they didn't pay bonuses, bankers would seek employment elsewhere.

Let them go. Don't they realise they wouldn't have a job if it weren't for taxpayers bailing them out? No bonuses should be paid until they are back in profit but the bottom line is that you have to blame the Government for allowing all this.

D Dunbar, Hall Green, Lancs

THE banks are holding back on mortgages and not lending to businesses.

At the same time they're still making billions in profit and paying immoral amounts in bonuses.

The reality is they are friends of the Tories and don't want the economy to recover before the election. …