Adams Links Spooks to Dissident Attacks; Rogue Elements 'Desperate to Hide Their Dirty Tricks'

Article excerpt

Byline: Senan Molony Political Editor

GERRY ADAMS says rogue members of the British security services are exploiting the recent upsurge in terror attacks by Republican dissidents.

The Sinn Fein leader makes the claim in an interview in today's Irish Daily Mail, on the day he is due to address his party ard fheis in Dublin.

However, the event is being overshadowed by the arrest of his brother, Liam - now facing 18 abuse and incest charges - and his decision to fight extradition to the North.

In an interview in today's Mail with Jason O'Toole, Mr Adams says there is a very dangerous and volatile mix among dissident Republicans and: 'I have no doubt that it's being exploited by elements within the British security services.' He claims they were 'people who are still of the old mentality and who just can't come to terms with the fact that there is a new political dispensation, and it's being led by people like Martin McGuinness and others.' He added: 'I'm talking specifically about British intelligence and those who are deeply immersed in preventing the lid being lifted on their dirty tricks strategies in Ireland, going back a very long term.' Mr Adams suggests the British spooks encouraging splinter group violence are those who 'have just not come to terms with the fact that they didn't defeat Republicanism. They didn't have their way.' He will walk on to the stage for an address, televised live tonight, as the longest serving political leader on the island, having taken the helm of Sinn Fein in 1986 - nearly a quarter of a century ago.

However, he tells the Mail that, despite poor electoral results in the south and the departure of a number of councillors, he has no intention of stepping aside.

He also speaks of the 'tremendous stress' he has suffered since it was publicly revealed that his father had sexually abused some of his siblings, and his younger brother, Liam, had allegedly repeatedly sexually abused daughter Aine Tyrell.

The Sinn Fein leader says he finds it difficult to deal with family issues in a public way. He adds that they are 'deeply emotional and personal issues' that are upsetting for everybody involved. …