Shake-Up of Security Industry on the Way

Article excerpt

Security expert Frank Cullen said the new legislation will help to clean up the security sector.

From today all those working in designated sectors of the private security industry here will need to hold a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence.

The SIA estimates that more than 8,000 individuals will need to be licensed.

Mr Cullen's Mercury Security Management was Northern Ireland's first security company to be awarded the SIA's quality accreditation standard under the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS).

Private security industry regulations have been in force in the rest of Britain since the establishment of the SIA in 2003 and, after the proposal to extend the remit of the SIA to Northern Ireland was put out for public consultation by the Northern Ireland Office in 2006, the results showed an overwhelming desire within the industry for regulations in line with those in GB.

Anyone who wishes to work in the industry will need to have a licence from the SIA, and anyone who wishes to buy in services from the security sector will also be affected.

For example, it will now be a legal requirement in Northern Ireland to hold an SIA licence to work in guarding, keyholding with response, and CCTV remote monitoring and management. …