Public Correctional Policy on Firearm Control

Article excerpt

Editor's Note: The existing policies printed below were reviewed and approved for continuation by the Delegate Assembly at the 139th Congress of Corrections in Nashville, Tenn.

Introduction: As the possession of firearms by individuals involved in unlawful behavior greatly increases the potential for injury and death, corrections professionals have joined with other law enforcement organizations in calling for tougher firearm regulations and legislation at the local, state and federal levels. This increased chance of injury and death is particularly true for young people, as gunshot wounds are a leading cause of death among those ages 10 to 34. While a diversity of opinion exists within the correctional community regarding firearm ownership, there is a consensus that reasonable, common-sense gun-related policies are useful in preventing unauthorized, incompetent, immature and/or violence-prone persons from owning, possessing or unlawfully using firearms.

Policy Statement: Corrections professionals work every day with people affected by the pervasive and potentially destructive nature of firearms in our society. Therefore, it is important for corrections officials to share their expertise and perspectives on the effect firearms have on crime and violence. Toward that end, the American Correctional Association urges:

A. Other law enforcement organizations to join the American Correctional Association in calling for tougher firearm control at the federal, state and local levels;

B. …