LIFE IS A LOTTERY; Human Eggs Are Raffled at Fertility Clinic

Article excerpt

Byline: Lachlan Mackinnon

HUMAN eggs are being raffled by a UK fertility clinic - with the winner getting to select the race, upbringing and education of the donor.

The raffle is being held to promote the London-based Bridge Centre fertility clinic's partnership with the Genetics and IVF Institute (GIVF) in Fairfax, Virginia.

Asthepounds 20,000offreefertility treatment will be provided at the US clinic, the draw - to be held on Wednesday - will avoid floutingtheUKbanonwomen profiting from the sale of eggs.

The Bridge Centre say 10 British women are booked in for treatment at the GIVF but hope the number will rise to at least 25 a month.

They claim to provide "take home babies" for two-fifths of customers,usuallywomenaged over 40 years with little chance of conceiving naturally.

US university students or graduates aged between 19 and32,whoarefitnon-smokers, supply the eggs.

Before choosing which eggs they want, customers can look at anonymous profiles of donors, including their reasons for selling them, as well as childhood photos.

Donors can make up to pounds 6600 each time they provide eggs.

Only one per cent of women who apply to donate eggs to GIVFpassthescreening process. …