Pounds 14k AWARD FOR RAPIST OF GIRL, 10; Drunken Beast's Crash Compensation

Article excerpt

Byline: Amy Devine

A PERVERT who raped a girl of 10 has been awarded pounds 14,500 compensation for being run over as he lay drunk in the road.

VileconvictGrantMcQueen launched a lawsuit over the accident from behind bars.

He is now bragging to fellow cons at Peterhead about his new-found wealth - and splashing out on treats for his prison pals.

But the father of the young woman who ran McQueen over before he was caged is disgusted by the payout.

Robin Blythe, 49, said: "This man shouldn't be eligible for compensation. He raped a child. He should have got a big fat nothing.

"The accident was his fault. He was lying in the middle of a dark road after 11 pints."

McQueen, 25, was jailed for six and a half years in 2007 for raping the child at a holiday park on Arran.

He stood in the dock carrying the scars from his drunken brush with death.

A f t e r a drinking binge, he lay down in the road., where he was hit by a car driven by waitress Kerry Blythe, 20. McQueen suffered head injuries, and Kerry was f ined pounds 750 for careless driving in February 2006 over the accident .

She and pal Peter McKinnon, the owner of the car, pulled McQueen free and saved his life after the accident but the greedy sex beast still decided to sue her for compensation.

And when the Daily Record broke the news of McQueen's lawsuit in 2008, Kerry told us: "I can't believe he is sitting in jail for rape and coming after me for money.


"The accident wasn't my fault. I hadn't touched a drop of alcohol and it could have been anyone who ran over him."

"He doesn't deserve a penny and I don't have any money to give him anyway."

Kerry said that when McQueen was released from hospital, he went back on the drink and was found lying in the road. several times. She added: "It is obviously something he does. …