You Can Shun Gay Couples, Adoption Charity Told

Article excerpt

Byline: Enda Feeney

A CATHOLIC adoption agency has won a legal fight to keep its Christian rules saying children should not be sent to live with gay couples.

Yesterday's ruling was seen as a landmark victory for freedom of religious conscience over the demands of equality legislation.

British High Court judge Mr Justice Briggs said because an exemption in the 2007 Sexual Orientation Regulations allowed gay charities to restrict their help to homosexuals, it was right that Catholic Care should also be allowed to discriminate.

He also said that, in reality, no gay couples lost out, because the charity provided solely for children whom the British adoption system - which is open to singlesex couples - had already tried but failed to help.

The Leeds-based charity went to court to challenge a UK Charity Commission interpretation of the 2007 laws which stated it must accept gay couples as parents or shut down.

But Mr Justice Briggs savaged the thinking of the commission, which he said was 'neither logical, rational, purposive nor responsive to any reasonable linguistic interpretation'. …