Manage What's Online; Careers in Web Content Management If You Have a Flair for Writing and a Good Understanding of How the Internet Works, a Career in Web Content Management May Appeal. Emma Thompson Logged on to Find out More

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Byline: Emma Thompson

What does a career as a web content manager involve? A web content manager is responsible for the information that appears on a company's website.

They work closely with project teams, editors, developers and designers to co-ordinate the site content and make sure it caters to the needs of the target audience.

As a web content manager, you could work on sites that are open to the public on the world wide web, or sites for staff use only on a company's intranet.

Your typical duties could include maintaining and developing the site; meeting with editing, marketing and design teams to plan and develop the site; analysing website usage statistics; writing reports; setting permissions for site users; and dealing with legal issues, such as copyright and data protection.

What personal skills are needed? An understanding of legal issues, such as copyright and online writing issues, such as house style and content structure plus an excellent grasp of English grammar and spelling is essential.

You need to have the ability to write for a target audience and creative skills to find interesting ways to present information, as well as attention to detail, for example when proofreading.

What training do you need? There is no set entry route into this career. …