Ireland Risks Blowing Wind Power Bonanza

Article excerpt

Byline: Joe Downes

THE next nine months will be 'make or break time' for the Irish green energy sector.

National targets of delivering 40pc of our electricity from renewable resources by 2020 hinge on the Government eliminating unnecessary red tape and providing a stable framework for investors in 20 0, the country's largest renewable energy conference will hear.

The Irish Wind Energy Association's conference at the Four Seasons Hotel over Thursday and Friday will hear how the vast opportunity for Ireland from wind energy is being seriously threatened by an 'over-complicated and unstable policy framework'.

Speaking ahead of the conference, the association's chief executive Dr Michael Walsh said: '[This] will be a make or break year for the Irish energy sector as decisions and plans that are made this year will have a far reaching impact.

'We stand on the precipice of a very significant economic and sustainable energy opportunity.

'The importance of the Green economy has been repeatedly stressed by the Government.

He added: 'However, our members are growing frustrated at the increasingly difficult investment environment, which is complicated by a lack of co-ordination between official agencies.' Figures from the European Wind Energy Agency released last month showed that Ireland is not capitalising on its natural resources, laying claim to just 2. …