Your Stars

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Byline: Patrick Arundell

Continue to be hard nosed over financial issues. If this means moving credit card provider, swapping your mortgage for a better deal or chasing up money that is owed, then so be it. It will give you a greater sense of security to feel that you are getting extra value. Call for your financial forecast... You remain in astral pole position Taurus, but you will still need to concentrate to make sure you continue to lead the pack. Sometimes we have to stay single minded to achieve goals. In love, this can be a perfect time to put the spark back into proceedings by being more daring. Call for more... Vague or very real doubts can pop into your mind. If you choose to try to brush these under the carpet, this won't be helpful. However raw certain subjects are, they're probably better being discussed. You just may find that you are on a crash course Gemini. Call now for more advice... A group or adventure holiday, can really excite you. This may see you heading off or planning to go somewhere wild and woolly as much as the fleshpots, but someone's commitment may waver, so you may want to consider who may step in if this person should pull out. Call for more advice... A stroke of luck can break for you in a job application, but equally your hopes can be snared by a misunderstanding. Keep relations with those who can influence your future as cordial and professional as possible. Your frustrations may be high, but don' let them boil over. Call for more... While this week may see some delays, a break could come, so be ready to capitalize. However, a legal matter may prove tricky. Be sure of your facts before launching a claim of any action. If you're waiting for a claim to be settled, be patient. Call your special prediction line for more advice... …