Flight Fear Scares the Weight Off

Article excerpt

Byline: Cathy Owen

A FAMILY wedding invite is usually a reason for celebration. But for 24st mum Jayne Somerset it led to nightmare visions of not being able to fit in an aircraft toilet.

So the 42-year-old from Ely took drastic action and lost 12 stone in 18 months in order to board a flight to Cyprus and her niece's wedding.

Jayne had been overweight for 20 years and was a size 32 when she received the invite. The prospect of flying even on a short-haul flight filled the office worker with dread.

"I hated flying because I couldn't sit in the chair properly, I couldn't put the tray down," said the slimmed-down size 16.

"I wouldn't use the toilet on the aeroplane because I would have to walk sideways down the aisle and was too worried about not being able to fit in the cubicle when I got there.

"I was also worried about what would happen when we got there.

"I was comfortable in front of my husband because we had been married for 27 years, but the thought of being in a swimsuit in front of my in-laws terrified me."

And so she began an astonishing weight loss campaign which saw her shed nine stone in the eight months before the wedding, and a further three stone in the 10 months since. …