Moving Forward: Advancing Environmental Health into the Future

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National Environmental Health Association

74th Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition

Sunday, June 6--Wednesday, June 9, 2010-04-21 Albuquerque, New Mexico

The NEHA AEC & Exhibition offers robust education on the large variety of topic areas and issues facing the environmental health profession with over 200+ speakers and 170+ education sessions. Attend the conference educational sessions to explore environmental health topics with some of the most accomplished professionals in the environmental health industry.

Topics Covered

Air Quality

Children's Environmental Health

Drinking Water Quality

Emerging Pathogens

Environmental Health Leadership Development

Environmental Health Research

Environmental Health Tracking and Informatics

Food Safety and Protection

General Environmental Health

H1N1 Response Case Studies

Healthy Homes

Indian Health Service

Institutions and Schools Environmental Health

Onsite Wastewater Systems

Solid Waste


Swimming Pools/Recreational Waters

Terrorism and All-Hazards Preparedness

Uniformed Services

Vector Control and Zoonotic Diseases

Water Pollution

Earn up to 24 hours of NEHA continuing education (CE) hours by attending the educational sessions at NEHA's 2010 AEC & Exhibition. This is enough to meet your full two-year NEHA professional credential requirement.

Educational Session Highlights


"Welcome (Back?) to The Jungle"

What has changed in food safety since Upton Sinclair wrote the bestselling novel, The Jungle? Are we in fact leaving "The Jungle" behind and transforming our food safety system? How do other pieces of the puzzle, such as the role of legislation and the application of HACCP fit in? These and other issues will be explored throughout the educational sessions held in the Food Safety and Protection track.

Food Safety Summit

The Food Safety Summit makes its return for the second year. It will feature the style of a TV talk show with a host and panel of guests. The host will present the panel with the topics of, "Conducting Effective Food Handler Training--How to Change the Safety of our Retail Food Supply" and "Legislating Food Safety--Congress as the Inspector." Questions will be taken from the audience throughout the show. The Food Safety Summit is co-sponsored by NEHA's proud partners MindLeaders and Prometric.


Growth of the Environmental Health Profession

There is no greater threat to human health and well-being than the current environmental crisis the world faces. It has the potential to supersede and overtake all previous public health threats. Thus, there is a great need for environmental health professionals to make sustainability a priority. The NEHA 2010 AEC & Exhibition will focus on how the founding principles of this profession lend themselves to a focus on sustainability and incorporation into existing environmental health functions.

3rd Annual NEHA Excellence in Sustainability Award

The 3rd Annual NEHA Excellence in Sustainability Award will be presented at the 2010 AEC & Exhibition. The recipient will be recognized at the Awards Ceremony and will be featured as a speaker during an interactive Learning Laboratory session. The recipient will present some of the innovative and environmentally sustainable strategies employed to help solve growing environmental challenges.


What roles do environmental health professionals play in emergency response? What tools would enable you to do your job better? Hazard Mitigation Plans, Disaster Resiliency Indices and Crisis Message Mapping will be just some of the ready-to-use tool kits featured in the Terrorism and All-Hazards Preparedness sessions for you to bring back to implement in your organization! …