Testament of Youth - Both Vera Brittain's and My Grandchildren; OPINION

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Byline: Elaine Morgan

TWO grandchildren paid a visit this week. Tan came with her new partner Stefan, but I've never met Dewi's bride: she's waiting for him in Texas while the American embassy very slowly processes his visa application.

Grandchildren used to loom large in people's lives ( two of my grandparents lived with us for 20 years) but nowadays they often grow up at a distance, so that we only meet them at long intervals. When that happens, it's a bit like making new acquaintances. These are fully-fledged adults, moulded by people and events you know nothing about.

Even the memories you do share are seen from quite different perspectives. For example the person who was your thepensioner little baby boy was their dad, and no doubt looked quite different from that angle. And yet there they are, your own flesh and blood, and you let your hair down with them the way you would never dream of doing with strangers. It's good when they still feel like your kind of people.You can't take the credit for it, but you can't help feeling: "Well, maybe I did something right." Elaine Morgan The other event of my week was on Saturday. On page 14 of the Review section of the Guardian was an illustrated display advert. From May 10, you can order a 2-DVD set of Vera Brittain's Testament of Youth - "compelling, poignant, powerful, and a classic of feminist literature, first shown on TV in 1978. …