Christian School Pushes for Singapore Math

Article excerpt

Why Singapore students rank first in Mathematics and Science globally is no secret. It is because of the unique curriculum called Singapore Math created and implemented by its education ministry.

Studies by the Trends International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMMS) show that Singapore children at all grade levels perform best in Math and Science and this is credited to the training the children get in Singapore Math, a method wherein students master core concepts first before moving on to solve more abstract problems. Singapore Math is extremely visual and primarily involves word problems, thus encouraging the understanding of mathematical properties and promoting overall numerical fluency.

Recognized globally as the best Math curriculum, Singapore Math is now in the Philippines and among the schools that implement its curriculum is Victory Christian International School (VCIS), located in Pasig City.

Singapore Math provides rich problem sets where students may apply the concepts they have learned.

"Singapore Math is based on progression where students first learn through the use of manipulatives (objects), followed by the use of pictorials in an effort to solve problems at the abstract level more successfully.

The curriculum also emphasizes model drawing, an approach that helps students organize information and solve problems step-by-step,'' explains VCIS Math teacher Babette Ferrer.

For instance, in teaching multiplication to gradeschoolers, children are not asked to memorize the multiplication table. …