Flood Prevention to Protect Village

Article excerpt

Warwickshire residents hit by the 2007 Midland floods are on track to rebuild their area with strategies to reduce flood risk.

Villagers and organisations from Alcester, where around 160 properties were affected by the summer flooding, have been working with partner agencies to ensure their area will be protected should the situation arise again.

Environment Agency staff have been talking to locals regarding planned work, including raising the height of the flood wall at Malin Court to ensure that it is above the summer 2007 flood level.

New pumping stations are proposed to reduce surface water flooding, while non-return flap valves would be fixed onto outfalls at Gunning's Bridge, to stop water flowing back up the culverts.

At historic home Coughton Court, The National Trust has begun to create a swale, or grass covered ditch, so flood water will be diverted back in to the River Arrow. The attractive Tudor property, once used by famous landscape gardener 'Capability' Brown, suffered damage in the 2007 floods as well as during flooding in 1998.

General manager Lucy Reid said: "We were very badly affected by the 2007 floods. We closed the property and had to carry out a full emergency salvage operation. We were closed for seven weeks, losing 25,000 visitors. …