Economic Recovery to Perk Up RE Investments within ASEAN Region

Article excerpt

The economic recovery kicking off this year is seen as the biggest stimulus for the much-anticipated influx of renewable energy (RE) investments for the ASEAN region.

Thailand in particular, though a four-day Renewable Energy Asia Exhibition, tries to draw the attention of RE investors worldwide to take at peek at the opportunities for project development that may jack up the region's overall RE portfolio over the medium term.

"We expect the region's spectacular economic growth will renew intra-Asean and outside-ASEAN investments in Southeast Asia's renewable energy market," said Michiel Kruse, managing director of exhibition organizer UBM Asia (Thailand) in a press conference.

The best point of reference to the target, he said, will be the region's appointed benchmark "to source 15 percent of its total installed power capacity from renewable energy by 2015."

In the case of the Philippines in particular, the country has cast specific targets of doubling its RE capacity by the turn of the decade. So far, within ASEAN region, the Philippines is considerably ahead in cementing its policy toward that clean energy investment direction. …