RP Bullish on Water Supply

Article excerpt

Despite the specter of a water shortage caused by the lack of rainfall and lowering water dam levels, the government remains confident it will soon find the solution to address this concern as it eyes water-rich Aurora Province as the country's water supply and services capital.

Senator Edgardo J. Angara, chair, Congressional Committee on Science and Technology and Engineering (COMSTE), said that while some parts of the country may experience water shortage, there are regions with more than enough water supply.

The lawmaker cited Aurora Province as capable of supplying water for the province with enough to spare to cater to its neighboring provinces' water needs.

"Aurora is blessed to have a rich bounty of natural resources. It has five water districts. What the province needs to realize to become the north's water supply capital are the proper technologies that will effectively realize its potential to sustain its own water supply needs and cater to the same needs of neighboring provinces in the region," Angara stated.

Because water is unevenly distributed throughout the archipelago, COMSTE has come up with a number of initiatives to help mitigate the crisis that may affect regions and provinces hit by water shortage.

Angara and the Aurora Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) are test-piloting COMSTE initiatives in Aurora Province. …