Doctor Could Be Struck off after Diabetes Diagnosis Death

Article excerpt

Byline: Liza Williams

A DOCTOR could be struck off after diagnosing a patient who later died with the wrong form of diabetes.

A General Medical Council committee is investigating consultant physician Ali Khaleeli's conduct. His patient - 20-year-old Sarah Jane McNicholas, from Widnes - died at Halton General Hospital, in Runcorn, after falling in to a coma.

He is accused of serious professional misconduct and could be struck off or face other sanctions if found guilty.

Dr Khaleeli is facing 12 charges, including failing to exclude the possibility she had the most serious type of diabetes - mellitus - and instead diagnosing a less serious form, which did not require insulin injections.

His diagnosis was wrong and the charges allege his behaviour was irresponsible.

The case will also look at whether Dr Khaleeli failed to review the diagnosis after several warning signs and did not advise other members of the hospital staff appropriately.

Charges also alleged he lied when the case was investigated to cover his mistakes.

Miss McNicholas died in July, 1997, after spending five days in hospital.

An inquest in 2001 ruled she died from natural causes aggravated by neglect.

She was told her illness could be controlled by diet alone when she actually needed insulin to handle it.

After complaining to several other doctors that she felt unwell, Miss Mc-Nicholas was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with diabetic ketoaciditis. …