The Parties Put Self-Interest First; VIEWPOINTS

Article excerpt

DOES anyone really believe the recent election result gives any party a mandate to seek electoral reform and self-interest above the needs of the country? Let's be honest about it, if Labour had managed to get the number of seats that the Conservatives did, they would be claiming the right to govern us again, without recourse to any change in the system. It is only when a party sees political advantage that they will seek change, to the disadvantage of their opponents.

Using our Welsh results as an example, do you recall at the European elections both Labour and Lib Dem politicians rubbishing Welsh Conservative MEPs as only getting in by the backdoor through PR? I do.

If PR was used in Wales, we would have 14 Labour MPs, 11 Conservative MPs, eight Lib Dem MPs, five Plaid MPs and two others. Do you think Labour would be happy to have lost 12 seats to provide a more representative result? In Scotland the results would be Labour 23 (not 41) SNP 13 (not six), Lib Dems 11, the same, and the Conservatives 10, not one. …