Trainers Providing a High Level of Safety for Wind Turbine Engineers; WAG Support Allows System to Be Rolled out across US and Europe

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Byline: Si'n Barry

A SAFETY training programme designed by aWelsh company for engineers working hundreds of feet above ground on wind turbines, is now being rolled out in the USA and Europe.

Safety Technology has recently opened a training centre in Madrid and teamed up with Rockford Berge to deliver the training in the USA at the Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan. Support from the Welsh Assembly Government played a role in the company's rapid international expansion.

Safety Technology has also expanded to new purpose-designed headquarters with training facilities in Clytha, Monmouthshire, and is in discussions with Coleg Gwent to set up specialised training programmes for wind turbine engineers in Wales.

The aim is to ensure Wales has the capability and capacity to take advantage of the projected growth in the wind energy industry.

Safety Technology's core business is the industrial design, development and supply of patented safety equipment to the utility, telecoms, wind energy and forestry sectors and in training.

The Assembly Government supported its move into the Spanish market by funding market research to identify opportunities and supported the company to attend a key trade exhibition in Spain.

This resulted in a joint venture with Ynfiniti Engineering Services (YES) to form YST (YES/Safety Technology) - the new company specialising in providing training for wind energy engineers.

YST has opened its purposebuilt training centre in Madrid that is supported by the Spanish Wind Energy Association and the Gov-ernment. Safety Technology owns the intellectual property for the programmes.

Managing director Bob Dickens said this development led to a joint venture with wind farm construction and logistics company Rockford Berge and a licensing agreement with Grand Rapids Community College in Michigan.

The college is now the first US training centre to offer the globally-recognised safety certification programme for the wind industry developed by Safety Technology. …