When Is the Best Time to Teach Sex Education?

Article excerpt

Although the Department of Education has already decided to integrate sex education in the high school curriculum, a strong opposition from various sectors, especially the Catholic Church continues to escalate and even threatens to hamper its full implementation this schoolyear. Apart from the issue of morality, constitutionality and preparedness, is the timing of this new order relevant as well? We've asked some students and teachers when they think is the best time to teach sex education to the youth. Here are their answers.

The best time to learn sex education is during the grade 4 level. Pupils at this age and level start to explore things and becoming really curious about sex. - Chris Ongsiako. 19. College of Architecture, UST

The best time I believe is during college, where the youth can mix relationships with learning, when real maturity actually begins. - Jayce Jose. 20. Faculty of Engineering, UST

As early as possible, maybe in grade school. The introduction of sex may focus on the anatomy of the reproductive systems and all those issues concerning sexuality and family planning. Introduce it as early as possible so that the children would be equipped with the knowledge they need before puberty (when sexual urges begin to peak). - Kris Urbi, 19, Faculty of Pharmacy, UST

For me the best time is around 1st year high school, the time when kids start experimenting. …