Coast Guard Sets Deadline for 'Princess' Retrieval Operations

Article excerpt

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Friday ordered the Royal Jessan Petromin Resources Inc. (RJPRI) and the PCG-Special Operations Group Divers to finish the retrieval operation for the remaining skeletal remains inside the ill-fated M/V Princess of the Stars before June 21.

"I've already given direction for the salvor (company) to finish the retrieval before June 21 to help the families of the victims, who are still hoping to the find the remains of their beloved love ones," PCG Commandant Admiral Wilfredo Tamayo said.

Coincidentally, this coming June 21 is also the second anniversary of the tragic incident that happened during the height of Typhoon Frank way back in 2008.

Tamayo added that the Task Force Princess of the Stars headed by Transportation and Communications Undersecretary Thompson Lantion will conduct a meeting soon to assess the progress of the salvaging operations of the sunken vessel in Romblon.

Meanwhile, Lt. Commander Armand Balio, PCG Public Information Officer, said that InterPol Secretary-General Ronald Noble recently offered their assistance to the task force to assist in gathering information from the retrieved skeletal remains such as DNA samples which are to be transported at the International Commission of Missing Persons at the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo for analysis. …