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Byline: Mike Harris

1. What stretch of water has been described as, "the world's greatest short cut".

2. One of the following has not been a UK Sea Area since its axing in 2002. Which? Faeroes, Fair Isle, Fastnet, Finisterre, Fisher, Forth and Forties? 3. Explain a) what the up-coming exotic-sounding names have in common and, b) why should they collectively be associated with these two sets of figures - 465,000 and 11,998. Arcadia, Artemis, Aurora, Azura, Oceana, Oriana and Ventura.

4. What, geographically-speaking, is the opposite of a ria in terms of natural formation? 5. Of which countries are the following their capital cities? Bridgetown, Bruges, Castries, Dublin, Lisbon, Nassau, Oslo, Paris, St George's and St John's, 6. Why might Mexico's La Quebadra be described as something of a dive? 7. Which European country presented the Statue of Liberty to America, in 1786 as, philosophically, the gift of gifts? 8. Identify the English area which is "guarded/protected" by Antony Gormley's (1950- ) Angel of the North (1998)? 9. What are the following known as collectively and where can they be viewed? i) Haven Brow, ii) Short Brow, iii) Rough Brow, iv) Brass Point, v) Flagstaff Brow, vi) Bailey's Hill and vii) Went Hill.

QUIZOPEDIA ANSWERS Mike Harris 10. The Council of Baltic States is made up of ten nations. Name them.

fun-loving and glamorous, vi) elegant & timeless and, vii) inspirational & innovative. The figures refer to, a) tonnage and b) total passenger capacity. 4. The opposite of a ria is a fjord. The former is a drowned river valley, whereas the latter has been gouged out through glacial activity. 5. The countries, are, Barbados, Belgium, St Lucia, the Irish Republic, Portugal, Bahamas, Norway, France, Grenada and Antigua. 6. La Quebadra, on the outskirts of Acapulco, on Mexico's west coast is where a team of highly professional divers plummet daily 45m/148ft into the Pacific Ocean for the benefit of petrified, open-mouthed tourists. …