The Future of Music Teaching

Article excerpt

As Executive Director of MTNA, I have the opportunity to interact personally with MTNA members and leaders across the country. I also read many of our state affiliate journals and newsletters. One of my favorites is the newsletter of the Minnesota Music Teachers Association. Each issue is packed with relevant news items about MMTA and MTNA. However, the columns written by the state leadership are of particular interest to me.

The October 2009 MMTA newsletter featured a column by Suzanne Greer, chair of the Independent Music Teachers Forum. The title was "The Courage to Charge What You're Worth." (You can read the entire column at It is a compelling discussion on an even more compelling topic: How to realize your worth as a music teacher. Greer addressed several issues related to IMTs and money, many of them based on Beth Klingenstein's fine book The Independent Piano Teacher's Studio Handbook. According to Greer, the bottom line is for IMTs to "recognize and acknowledge our worth" and to charge fees commensurate with being highly trained professionals who provide a valuable contribution to their students and parents in particular, but also to society at large.

As your association, MTNA is committed to ensuring the long-term future of the music teaching profession. We do this, in part, by promoting the music teaching profession as a worthwhile and viable career and by also promoting the value and stature of music teachers as worthy of significant compensation and respect. …