Long Overdue for Reinsdorf to Step in and Contain Guillen

Article excerpt

Ozzie Guillen has always acted like the spoiled brat who knows his dad won't do anything about it.

So what's gone on of late is nothing new.

He doesn't deserve to be fired. He just deserves a time out.

It's not the first time. It's more the 187th time. And it won't be the last.

Not unless Jerry Reinsdorf acts like a dad and gets Ozzie to behave.

The White Sox manager walks and talks as though he's the reason the sun rises every day, not to mention the reason the team won a World Series five years ago.

He gets away with it because he's an excellent manager, he's entertaining and the fans like him.

GM Kenny Williams puts up with him because Guillen gets the job done, but every man has his breaking point and Williams got to his during spring training this year.

At that point, the two stopped being friends. And while unpleasant, it doesn't mean they can't work together.

But now you have to wonder if they can work together.

Guillen hasn't stopped leaking information to news outlets where he is favored, and he hasn't stopped poking at the organization, and at some point it has to stop or somebody has to be fired.

If Reinsdorf doesn't want that to happen, then he has to step in and put Guillen in his place.

Meanwhile, Williams is the older brother who's done everything imaginable to pacify the 7-year-old that lives in Guillen's head, and he knows that on some days that's impossible.

But there's only so much he's going to take before he tells Reinsdorf that he just doesn't need this aggravation anymore and walks away.

It has to be pure misery for Williams to give Guillen everything he has asked for every day of his life and he still gets smacked around by Guillen through the media at least once a week. …