The Prize Crossword

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THERE'S an amazing [pounds sterling]1,500 prize for the first correct solution drawn at random in our general knowledge Prize Crossword. The whole family will have fun trying to come up with the answers. Entries must arrive by Friday, June 18 (photocopies not accepted). Today's solution will appear next Sunday and the winner's name will be published on Sunday, June 27.


1 Gordon ---,England goalkeeper of the Sixties and Seventies (5)

4 Italian region with Perugia as capital (6)

8 The Day Of The ---,Frederick Forsyth novel (6)

12 African country, home to Kampala (6)

13 River which forms the main waterway in Rome (5)

14 Member of the Germanic tribe which sacked Rome in the 5th Century AD (6)

15 Medical name for the gullet (10)

16 General who commanded the Spartan fleet (8)

17 Instrument played by Pablo Casals and Jacqueline du Pre (5)

19 Patron saint of Scotland (6)

22 River which flows through Settle and Preston (6)

25 Game in which a message changes whilst being passed on (7,8)

28 John ---,Private Frazer in Dad's Army (6)

29 Composition for a solo piano or another instrument with or without piano accompaniment (6)

30 Moon---,a novel about smuggling written by J. Meade Falkner (5)

32 Rigid airship pioneered in Germany in the early 20th Century (8)

35 Nickname for Hollywood (10)

37 Language of the Celts in Scotland (6)

38 Musical piece composed for nine players (5)

39 Umbelliferous plant whose leaf stalks are used in cooking and salads (6)

40 Royal ---,final stage by which an act of Parliament becomes law (6)

41 - - - Elliman, singer who had a hit with If I Can't Have You from Saturday Night Fever (6)

42 Matsuo ---,17th Century haiku poet (5)


2 Island off the north-west coast of Wales (8)

3 Japanese art of fencing with bamboo foils (5)

5 Intentional production of changes in genetics (11)

6 Ian Rankin's Edinburghbased police detective (5)

7 - - - Dancer, The Girl From U. …