401 Teachers Will Be Back in U-46 Recalls: Process Ended Friday -BYLN- by Kerry Lester Klester@dailyherald.Com

Article excerpt

More than half of the Elgin Area School District U-46 teachers who were pink-slipped this spring have been recalled to positions, district officials announced Tuesday.

A total of 401 teachers will return to classrooms next fall, though many will be working in different roles.

While 17 positions still remain unfilled, they are unlikely to go to any of the 332 members of the Elgin Teachers Association still out of a job.

"We have recalled every teacher on the seniority list who qualified, based on state certification, for a vacant teaching position," Superintendent Jose Torres said in a news release. "Those remaining on the recall list do not have the necessary state certifications to teach in the remaining 17 vacant highly-specialized positions."

Vacant jobs include speech pathologists, bilingual special education teachers, and English teachers who have a reading endorsement.

The 401 callbacks break down into 34 of 99 first-year teachers; 77 of 242 second-year teachers; 114 of 170 third-year teachers; 116 of 160 fourth-year teachers; and 60 of 87 tenured teachers with five or more years experience.

Another 23 teachers resigned, and one took a leave of absence.

At the time of the layoffs, Torres said the district -- which over cut to pad itself against budget uncertainties -- planned to recall several hundred of the 732 teachers laid off en masse by the school board March 15. …