'Organizational Excellence' Scorecards

Article excerpt

The facet includes priorities related to the organizational make-up or structure of the department itself as well as to the systems approach towards delivering quality service.

The first priority on organizational structure is the following, as formally articulated:

"Guarantee a responsive and enabling organizational structure." This has led Department of Transportation and Communications (DoTC) to put forward two initiatives, as follows:

1. The "implementation of a reorganization plan to strengthen policy-making and supervisory capacity of the department as Apex for transport policy, planning and coordination. (This plan includes the) restructuring of identified DoTC sectoral offices and attached agencies." Before it gets to be implemented, the Department needs to finalize such a reorganization plan. Thus, the measure for progress in this regard is the percentage of completion of such a plan and its subsequent implementation. For 2010, the plan is to be completed, and within the first three years after 2010, implementation begins with 10 percent of the plan being put in place. By 2020, 100 percent implementation is targeted.

2. The "creation of the Department of Transportation and Highways" and other named sectoral offices for land transport, railways, the Philippine Coast Guard, etc., DoTC has identified this measure for tracking progress: the actual "number of transport institutional reforms enacted." It follows this up with clear targets: One in 2010; six in 2020, when the targets under this proposed initiative shall be fully met. Thus, there is no target set after 2020.

The second priority that relates to systems that help ensure the delivery of quality services is articulated as follows: Install and then sustain "a culture of excellence and service quality. …