3 Pharmaceutical Companies Consolidate Brand Identity, Operations to Gain Market

Article excerpt

Three pharmaceutical companies, each a prominent industry label, recently consolidated their brand identity and operations to be a leading provider of healthcare commercialization solutions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Invida Philippines Inc. has been launched in the Philippines specialty pharmaceutical industry through the merger of PL Asia Pacific Philippines Inc., more popularly known by its brand name Pharmalink, Transfarma Philippines Inc. and Inovail Healthcare Philippines Inc. The integrated companies were wholly-owned subsidiaries of Singapore-headquartered Invida Group Private Limited that was set up in 2005 by a powerful strategic partnership of Quintiles, the world's leading pharmaceutical services organization; a subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, one of the world's largest investment companies; and the Zuellig Group, the largest pharmaceutical distribution and supply chain management network in Asia Pacific.

The decision to unify into a single global brand will facilitate the Invida Group's entry into the market as one company," says Tito Tolentino, President of Invida Philippines. He explains further, "Currently, we have a very strong, recognized capability and core competence in the area of commercialization.

As an organization, we want to leverage on this capability even more, in order to achieve significant competitive edge in the region. We want to continue to be an integral player in the industry and a preferred partner for companies wanting to enter or extend their reach, not just locally, but also to the entire Asia Pacific market. With our vast regulatory, sales and marketing footprint across Asia Pacific, we can offer our partners a single point of entry into these markets."

Tolentino believes that as a result of the merger, "Invida has strengthened its position in the market, benefiting from the synergy of the three companies operating under a single entity."

Synergy is a byword in the pharmaceutical world. It is usually used to highlight the therapeutic efficacy of a drug preparation generated by the combined action of the individual potent agents. With the interaction of the constituents, the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects. Such is the power Invida sees in itself.

Pharmalink made a name for itself as Asia's leading sales and marketing organization, securing a slot in the Philippine pharmaceutical industry's top 20. …