Name the Laws You Want Axed Clegg Tells the Public

Article excerpt

Byline: James Chapman Political Editor

NICK Clegg will today invite the public to nominate laws, regulations and infringements to their liberty they want repealed in the biggest rebalancing of the relationship between the state and individuals for 200 years.

The Deputy Prime Minister will promise to listen to any reasonable suggestion on how to scale back official intrusion into everyday lives and the red tape choking business.

The coalition has already set out plans to scrap Labour's controversial ID cards scheme, end universal DNA databases, review the use of CCTV cameras and end vetting rules restricting adults' contact with children.

But sources say the Government wants to go 'much further'. 'We have made a good start but we now want people's ideas on how to undo all the damage done by the years of Labour government,' said one.

Mr Clegg will launch a 'Your Freedom' website, so the public can propose getting rid of pointless regulation and unnecessary bureaucracy.

The ideas will inform the drafting of this autumn's Freedom Bill with the aim of sweeping away Labour legislation and new criminal offences deemed to have eroded personal freedom.

The coalition claims the legislation will be the biggest democra-tic shake-up since 1832, when the Reform Act extended the vote beyond the landed classes. …