Professional Development: STAV's Main Focuses Are Delivery of Professional Development, Production of Quality Support Materials for Teachers and Trial Exams for Students, and Student Competitions

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During February each year we conduct our VCE conferences series--Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Environmental Science. This is followed in April by the Beginning Science Teachers conference, in May we have our Primary Science Teachers conference, in August our ICT in Science conference and we finish the year with our annual STAVCON. This year we held our two-day residential Science Leaders Conference which provided leading teachers, science coordinators and teachers aspiring to leadership roles with foundation material and experience to enhance their personal and professional learning. This conference is held every two years. We have also been running a series of small workshops based on physics principles and how to translate those principles into effective classroom learning and engaging activities. Workshops have focused on Electricity, and Newton's Laws of Motion. STAV has also been busy running 12 information sessions for Victoria's new Year 11 Psychology study design and six feedback forums for the draft Australian Curriculum: Science.


STAV, through STAV Publishing, publishes handbooks for beginning science teachers, primary science teachers and science coordinators. We also publish trial exams for the four senior level sciences--Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology. In addition, we produce and sell books on primary science and an array of secondary level general science topics. …