Laughing at Court, Girls Who Tortured Their Victim and Then Set Him on Fire

Article excerpt

Byline: Kurt Bayer

LAUGHING and sneering, these two teenage girls subjected a vulnerable man to a disgusting torture attack, beating him, indecently assaulting him and setting him on fire.

Paige Sharp, 16, and Danielle Sinclair, 17, face stiff jail sentences after admitting the 'almost feral' drink-and-drugfuelled assault on the 21-yearold man, who has a low IQ.

Sharp repeatedly punched the victim's head and body before setting his jeans on fire; while Sinclair beat him with a metal pole before assaulting him with a vacuum cleaner by setting it on his eye.

Halfway through his ordeal, they even followed their victim into the bathroom as he tried to wash the blood from his face - before resuming their attack.

The assault - carried out while the girls were on an alcohol and drug binge involving the recently banned mephedrone, also known as 'bubbles' or 'meow meow' - was filmed by an unnamed 19-year-old witness, who was present in the flat in Arbroath, Angus.

At Arbroath Sheriff Court yesterday, the footage was shown before Sheriff Kevin Veal. The girls, who have been in custody since the attack in March, hung their heads in the dock and refused to watch.

The graphic film showed the victim being repeatedly punched in the face, while he is heard pleading for the attack to stop.

Depute fiscal Liz Miller read out an agreed narrative of the attack on the man, described as 'vulnerable and having a low IQ'.

Following the attack, he was treated in hospital.

The girls had been drinking and taking drugs at a house in Emislaw Drive in Arbroath where the attack took place between March 8 and 9 this year.

The fiscal said: 'A rumour sprang up that the complainer had touched Danielle Sinclair inappropriately but she was entirely unaware of anything happening and the complainer denies it.

'Alcohol and mephedrone was taken by the complainer and Paige Sharp. When he was challenged about the rumour, he was set upon by both girls.

'Sinclair repeatedly punched him on the head, while Sharp punched his head and body.

'Sinclair struck him on the back and arms with a pole, in the opinion of a doctor, approximately 16 times going by the marks left on him. …