Jordan Has No Right Preaching to Jobless Work in the Entertainment Industry; "You Say. "

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wins pounds 50, the others pounds 10

KATIE Price resents the fact that some of her tax pays for people who don't work (The People, last week).

I'm sure that many more people would go to work if they too were paid extortionate amounts of money for taking their clothes off and had a clever manager who paid people to design perfume, clothing and write books in her name.

Some people can't afford to work as they can't afford childcare.

Many more do work to keep a roof over their children's head.

How can Katie, or her alter ego Jordan, compare herself to people like that? She is too dim to realise that she's just been lucky in life. She shouldn't judge others before she's walked in their footsteps for a while.

Sarah Treweeks, Birmingham SO the Conservative Party claims the pounds 21,000 donation from a private firm to Health Secretary Andrew Lansley had no influence on policy (last week's The People).

Even if true, they shouldn't be surprised if people jump to that conclusion.

Have politicians learned nothing from the cash for questions and honours fiascos - or are they just past caring? David Bennett, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs I WAS deeply disturbed to read that several Tory MPs - including Andrew Lansley - have taken donations or have links to private health firms.

The fact that Lansley got pounds 21,000 from the owner of one of the biggest care firms in the UK is a disgrace.

I am even more annoyed that they think just because it's legal it's ok and to state it has no influence on policy is really assuming we are all fools.

Donations should be banned full stop. We need state funding of political parties.

Mark Earnshaw, Leeds OF course sweets and drinks in cinemas are way more expensive than in supermarkets, as you reported last week. …