Human Resource

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For any organization, the human resource perspective is all-important; for the Philippine Army (PA), it is not only critical but also essential. It is understandable, therefore, for the PA to set forth three strategic priorities under this perspective.

The first refers to the "recruitment and retention of the best and brightest." In this regard, the Army is putting forward three scorecards, with initiatives, measures, and targets, as follows:

1. It proposes to significantly improve its Personnel Management System, whilst improving its brand, such that the ratio of applicants to the quota of recruits it has per year should rise above its present level.

By 2013, this ratio should be 1.5, giving the Army some leeway for making good choices. Subsequently, as the Army brand improves, the corresponding ratios for 2016, 2022, and 2028 are the following: 2.0, 2.5, and finally 3.0.

2. The Army also proposes to "institutionalize a recruit quality index," which should be a good indicator of the quality of the recruits it attracts. This index is to be developed in 2010, and once in place with 100 signifying the ideal quality of recruits, the targets set for achievement relative to the ideal are: 80 percent in 2013, 85 percent in 2016, 90 percent in 2022, and finally 95 percent in 2028.

3. Furthermore, the significant improvement in the observance of the Army personnel management system should lead to a percentage reduction in the attrition rate for new recruits as well as in the resignation or optional retirement of those already in the service. Once the base data have been fully verified in 2010, the following targets for the measure -- percent reduction due to attrition, resignation or optional retirement - are the following: 15 percent by 2013; 30 percent by 2016; 60 percent by 2022; and 90 percent by 2028.

The second refers to the "continuous build-up and development of the character and competence of Army personnel." This should lead to these two scorecards:

1. …