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Byline: Warren Manger

LAST January a Coventry pensioner was admitted to hospital suffering from blood poisoning.

By that stage she was too ill for doctors to save and she died a few days later.

Now an investigation carried out by Coventry's Safeguarding Adults Board has revealed the 91-year-old, named only as Mrs A, had been lying at home for five months while her condition slowly deteriorated.

Although agency care staff visited her home four times a week they failed to spot and stop the bed sores which would eventually kill her.

Police were even asked to investigate whether Mrs A had been criminally neglected, although they eventually decided not to prosecute.

And a serious case review has flagged up a string of urgent measures needed to stop the same tragedy befalling other patients.

Councillor Jim O'Boyle, newly appointed cabinet member for community services, said: "I take this review and its recommendations very seriously."

"The public have a right to expect the high care and suppor He promised t regularly to city so they could lessons had b and real progre made.

Mrs A was an woman before herself when fell over.

She was care for at hospital then in a resi dential home before doctors decided she was well enough to go home to live with her friend Mrs B. After that she was supposed t be cared for by agency staff with extra visits from health specialists and social workers.

The review, which will be presented to the city council's health watchdog tomorrow, admits better communication between the various tle doubt her tragic death could have been prevented. …