Consumer Education: Part of Secondary School Curriculum

Article excerpt

The Department of Education (DepEd) has entered into an agreement with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to offer Consumer Education for secondary students to teach them to become more intelligent, discerning, and responsible consumers. This collaborative effort is in compliance with Republic Act (RA) 7394, the Consumer Act of the Philippines (CAP).

Studies have shown that children influence the purchasing habits and brand preferences of their parents. In view of this, marketing strategy has shifted its focus on the young. Television, radio, and print ads target the young members of households. Youngsters now have a say on which brands to purchase and where the family goes out to eat. Even with regard to electronic gadgets like mobile phones, the opinion of the young member of the household for whom the gadget will be bought is sought.

The DepEd and the DTI have collaborated in developing 98 Lesson Exemplars and 10 modules on consumer education. These will be integrated in the secondary education curriculum of both private and public schools and in the alternative learning system. …