Bill Penalizes Religious, Racial Profiling

Article excerpt

The government must promote a society that values the dignity of every human person and guarantees full respect for human rights, regardless of race, religion, and ethnicity.

This was contained in Senate Bill 1341 filed by Sen. Loren Legarda which stated that persons who are guilty of religious or racial profiling should be penalized.

The measure, described as an Act Prohibiting Religious or Racial Profiling,'' enumerates the following acts as punishable:

* Subjecting a person to unnecessary, unjustified, illegal and degrading search because of his manner of clothing, religion, color, creed or ethnic identity;* Discriminating a person who is applying for a job because of his name, religion or ethnic background;* Disallowing the entry of a person or establishment such as restaurants, shopping malls, hotels and similar nature because of his manner of clothing, religion, color, creed or ethnic identity, and* Employing religious characterization as words of religious import in print and broadcast media when geographic, political, socio-economic or other distinction might be more accurate.

Legarda stressed that the Constitution clearly provides for the freedom of every Filipino to religion and racial identity.

"No Filipino is excluded. Even tribes and indigent people of ethnic background, as citizens of our country, should be accorded with such rights,'' she explained. …