Rabid Bats

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Rabid bats

Cases of rabid bats in the suburbs crop up every year.

This year, for instance, someone in Zion woke up to find a rabid bat in the house and was advised to undergo precautionary treatment.

Forty-five cases of rabid animals, all bats, have been found statewide this year, including 10 in Lake County. Most of the rest have been in Cook, Kane, McHenry and Will counties.

More rabid bats have been found in recent years, but the percentage of bats testing positive remains about the same, suggesting the increase is due to increased contact with bats, Illinois Department of Public Health spokeswoman Melaney Arnold said.

Fortunately, there have been no human cases of rabies in Illinois since 1954.

So get your pets vaccinated, keep away from wild animals and if a strange-acting critter gets in your house or yard, call local animal control.

Receipt of BPA

That store receipt you have could be contaminated with bisphenol-A, known as BPA.

A study by the Environmental Working Group, a toxic substance watchdog, found BPA in receipts from retailers, pharmacies and cash machines.

Another study found that after regular contact, BPA no longer washes off and lodges deep in the skin. It's commonly used in baby bottles and food can linings, and has been found to have accumulated in people's bodies as well.

The American Chemistry Council cites federal figures showing BPA exposure is extremely low. …