Candidate for Treasurer to Launch iPhone App

Article excerpt

Byline: Kerry Lester

As suburban candidates ramp up social media strategies, a downstate Republican appears to be at the forefront of a new trend.

State Sen. Dan Rutherford, a Republican candidate for treasurer, plans to announce next week the latest addition to his "e-campaign" -- an iPhone/iPad app that can be downloaded for free.

Rutherford, a business outreach director with Service Master Co., has made social media a cornerstone of his campaign -- even announcing his candidacy via Twitter and Facebook.

Rutherford has more than 6,800 Facebook fans. His campaign car, nicknamed "Pongee," has its own page with another 1,000 fans.

Rutherford said his friend Brian Peterlin, founder of CommonMan Innovative Technologies Inc. of downstate Peru, developed the app after approaching him with the idea last winter.

"I said I'm interested in it, but what does it take? Is it a time eater, or something that we can maintain and keep fresh and interesting?" Rutherford said.

The app aims to consolidate the campaign's various components -- video, Facebook, Twitter, news releases, fundraising information -- into one page with multiple menu opportunities. …