Bowman Compares Leddy to Housley

Article excerpt

Byline: Tim Sassone

Blackhawks senior advisor Scotty Bowman told fans at the convention on Sunday he sees a little bit of Phil Housley in recently signed defenseman Nick Leddy.

Bowman coached Housley as a rookie right out of a Minnesota high school with the Buffalo Sabres in 1982-83 with Housley going on to become one of the NHL's highest scoring defensemen ever with 1,232 points.

The 19-year-old Leddy is one year removed from high school, signing with the Hawks on Friday rather than return to the University of Minnesota for his sophomore year.

"I remember when Phil was 18 and I would compare (Leddy) to Phil in terms of his skating, his head and his heart," Bowman said.

General manager Stan Bowman has already said it's likely Leddy would start the season in the minors at Rockford.

"He is so smooth on the ice," Stan Bowman said. "The concern for us was really just maybe his maturity and his size more than anything.

"People have said he's a small defenseman, but if you look at him he's really not even done growing yet and he's about almost 190 pounds right now. He was one of the

top conditioned guys (at prospects camp), so that put that question aside."

Huet question: What's next for Stan Bowman once the Antti Niemi issue is settled? …