Making Better Employees

Article excerpt

Having worked for the last 33 years in different companies and various industries, I have gained some insight into what makes better employees. Since I started very young, I am not close to retirement age yet and I still enjoy making better employees, after all better employees are so much more pleasant to be with.

Turning your employees into excellent employees should be the goal of each company and the executives that run it. Excellent employees are people on a mission to do well for the company they work in, they have the drive and dedication to do a good job, on a timely basis. These people are self-starters, work autonomously, diligent and look after the interest of the company.

Now that we know we want excellent employees, the big question is how do we make them? Ideally, you should start with people who are predisposed to being good employees to begin with. These are the ones that have the capability, proper attitude, good education, decent family background and balanced temperament. However, in the real world, you probably won't have much of a choice since the employees are already there or your company is not exactly a magnet for outstanding talent.

There are several things good managers can do to make better employees. First is that the manager himself must be capable and set a good example. It is next to impossible for employees to do well when their supervisor is someone that they do not respect and cannot seek guidance from. A manager is expected to coach employees on how to do their jobs well and to teach the inexperienced worker the correct way of doing the job properly and safely.

Second is to let the employee know the importance of his job. Understanding what you are doing and seeing where you fit in the picture goes a long way in giving you a reason to do your job well. This also gives the worker the purpose of what he is doing and he will be more aware of the critical points of his job. During World War II, the industrial base of the United States was turned into one big war machine and the workers did an outstanding job. They clearly understood what they were fighting for and that the weapons they made could save the life of their father, son, brother or husband. …