Ridding the Streets of Gum Litter

Article excerpt

COVENTRY is one of 12 Councils nationwide that have been selected to take part in this year's annual campaign to reduce chewing gum litter, run by the Chewing Gum action Group.

The high impact marketing campaign will target gumchewers with striking posters informing chewers to 'Bin your gum or it could cost you pounds 80'. The campaign will run between 16 August and 13 September across the city centre to make chewers aware of the fines associated with irresponsible disposal of gum.

Councillor Lindsley Harvard Cabinet Member City Services, said "The shocking fact is that the removal cost for every piece of chewing gum dropped is pounds 2. I am sure that most people will think twice about dropping gum, once they realise this fact. We all want Coventry to be a city to be proud of, and we all have a part to play."

The Chewing Gum Action Group has been running successful campaigns to change the behaviour of irresponsible gum chewers since 2006. Previous campaigns have shown a positive shift in chewers' attitudes and resulted in significant reductions in gum litter in the areas where the campaign was active.

The 2009 campaign achieved an overall reduction in gum litter of 48 per cent and it is hoped that this years' campaign will be another success and persuade chewers to think twice before dropping their gum on the floor. …