Christianity Sucks? Vampire Novelist Drains Faith with Fairytale

Article excerpt


While Christians may still be in plentiful supply across America's heartland, they are fast becoming an endangered species in the rarified habitat of our coastal cities and cultural heights. The purveyors of our pop culture propound anti-Christian stereotypes with increasing frequency and intensity. So much so that even those few, brave elites who have personally embraced the faith often feel compelled to publicly condemn it.

The latest cultural darling to denounce Christianity and all of its works is Ann Rice. This famous vampire novelist and pop theologian announced last week that she was rejecting Christianity as an organized religion. She is still a Christian, mind you. Simply a better one than those millions who actually go to church.

In particular, Ms. Rice informed us that, regarding Christianity, It's simply impossible for me to 'belong' to this quarrelsome, hostile, disputatious, and deservedly infamous group. She further explained her decision by noting that she refused to be anti-gay, "anti-feminist " anti-scienc "and"anti-Democrat."

Good for Ann Rice. She should absolutely reject such hatreds and any institutions that promote them. Had she belonged to the Ku Klux Klan or the American Nazi Party, I'd absolutely applaud her apostasy. But Christianity? It seems that Ms. Rice has conjured up a Christian world every bit as dark as that inhabited by her blood-drinking protagonists. And one that is equally fictitious.

Christianity is anti-feminist? Historically speaking, Christianity has actually been an enormous boon to women. Until Christianity came along, the Greeks and Romans who dominated European culture were proud practitioners of infanticide. They commonly killed their baby girls as expendable errors in their quest for sons. The same still happens to this very day in China, India and many other countries around the world, although sex-selective abortion has replaced infanticide as the corrective of choice.

As for the present day, I'm not sure what church Ms. Rice attended. But the hundreds that I've had the privilege of visiting around the country typically help their members rise above the petty preoccupations of our culture - from alcohol and video games to pornography and vampire novels - to embrace family, service and love.

Christianity is anti-science? Please - let's not trot out that tired old charge yet again. It is far more historically accurate to claim that Christianity fostered science. By asserting that our world was designed by a creator according to a logical blueprint, Christianity helped give birth to the idea that we could benefit by studying creation and discovering these underlying patterns. The opposition of some Christians to the teaching of evolution today hardly renders the diverse body of Christendom anti science. …