Having No Coverage

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Having no coverage

should be an option

Through passage of the health care bill, Congress generously granted itself the power to unconditionally force citizens to buy any product they wish through their liberal interpretation of the commerce clause. It's still being debated whether this is even constitutional, but some states are being proactive by allowing citizens to weigh in on whether they would like to retain the right to choose not to buy a private good, or relinquish this right to Congress.

Recently, Missouri held a referendum in which citizens voiced their belief that they should not be fined for choosing not to purchase health insurance. It would be an inspiring act of humility and concern for the will of the people they represent if Illinois lawmakers provided us with the same opportunity on this landmark decision.

I'm not going to hold my breath.

Mike Hupfer


New-media users

have friend in Seals

I was excited to see a Dan Seals tweet that he was attending the Netroots Nation Convention in Las Vegas recently. Netroots is an important voice in American politics that gives a real outlet for advocates, bloggers and community organizers who are pushing a progressive economic agenda.

In the age of the tea party hyperbole, it is nice to see that Dan Seals remains loyal to his progressive movement base and the new-media advocates who have supported him from the beginning of his political career.

Chloe Samuels

Buffalo Grove

No quick fixes

to energy problems

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill continues to generate anger and angst but also provides a teaching moment to discuss some key truths about the future of energy in America. …