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Byline: Mike Harris

1. Complete this UK WWII security slogan. "Be like ***, keep ***." 2. List the past and present US presidents who are still in the land of the living. 3. Identify the Welsh castles from these brief descriptions: i) Moated St George fortress unfinished but in good repair (Anglesey), ii) Giant fantasy castle on hillside awaiting restoration (Clwyd), iii) Ruin of the greatest Welsh renaissance house, previous home of Princess Nest (Dyfed), iv) Medieval castle much restored by American press tycoon (Glamorgan), v) Greatest of Wales' Norman castles with work of all periods (Gwent), vi) Edwardian stronghold on cliff, Glyndwr's headquarters (Gwynedd), & vii) Kingdom castle of celebrated bookseller (Powys). 4. In which year did the cataclysmic Russian Revolution begin ? Was it 1717, 1817 or 1917? This led to larger predators, and so over time both prey and predators increased in physical stature. 8. Dorothy Parker (1893-1967) 9. The famous authors are, Ngaio Marsh (1895-1982), Charles Dickens (1812-1870), PD James(1920-), Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), Margery Allingham (1904-1966), Raymond Chandler (1888-1959), Agatha Christie (1890-1976) Erle Stanley Gardner (1889-1970), Alexander McCall Smith (1948-) & Dorothy L Sayers (1893-1957) 10. The languages are Spanish, Persian, Chinese, German, Sanskrit, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, and Afrikaans. QUIZOPEDIA ANSWERS Mike Harris 5. With which Mediterranean island is the singer, actress and comedienne, Gracie Fields(1898-1979), indubitably associated ? 6. Complete this written information which always follows the Sovereign's royal title: "Elizabeth II, by the G**** of G** of the U***** K****** of G**** B****** and N******* I****** and of her other R***** and T********** Q****, H*** of the C***********, D******* of the F****. 7. Why were most types of dinosaurs so large? 8. Identify the American wit who said of her fellow female authors: "As artists, they're rot, but as providers, they're oil wells. They gush." 9. Who created the following fictional detectives? Roderick Alleyn, Inspector, Bucket, Adam Dalgliesh, Sherlock Holmes, Albert Campion, Philip Marlowe, Miss Marple, Perry Mason, Mme Precious Ramotswe & Lord Peter Wimsey. …