Website to Help Inspire African Poets

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Badilisha Poetry Radio is a new initiative based in Cape Town, which broadcasts podcasts by poets from Africa and the African Diaspora.

Badilisha is a Kiswahili expression denoting exchange and transformation, and presenter Malika Ndlovu says: "Most young African poets and writers are primarily influenced by the work of literary icons from the global north. Their knowledge of African authors and poets is limited, preventing the inspiration and influence vital to their growth, development, self-confidence and sense of place."

Badilisha Poetry Exchange seeks to redress this.

It's a great website, user friendly and quick to download. Find it at

Here's a poetry recitation that many of my friends swooned over. At you can watch three-year-old Samuel reciting Litany by American poet Billy Collins.

"You are not even close to being the field of cornflowers at dusk…" he recites with suitable inflections - obviously parroting his doting parents who have repeated it to him endlessly in their zeal to "instil a love of poetry" into him. …