Go Job Hunting at Job Fest 2010 at SMX

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines - In half a year, a new batch of college seniors will make that big jump to the real world, and the task of job-hunting looms in the horizon. With an increasingly competitive workforce in a period of economic recovery, securing future employment appears daunting.

The good news for graduating seniors, however, is that the chances of recent college graduates being hired are now greater than they were in the past. Job Fest and Career Fair 2010 gives tips for graduating students on how to jumpstart their job hunt even while they're still in school.

Job Fest 2010, slated Thursday and Friday, Sept. 16-17, at Function Room 4, SMX Convention Center, is a comprehensive gathering of top-notch companies and leading employers offering career opportunities for entry level to executive level positions.

1. Explore your options. By your senior year, you should have an idea on what occupational fields you are interested in and what you are qualified for. Check out classified ads for the types of openings available in the job market, and find out the qualifications and other requirements for the jobs you are interested in.

2. Prepare your resume. It is never too early to have a resume ready for job applications. Rather than start from scratch, use online tools, such as the resume builder on jobsdb.com, which can easily be converted into a word document or a pdf file. Storing your resume online will also allow the system can automatically match your qualifications to your fields of interest and alert you for job openings you can apply to. Having your resume on jobsdb.com also qualifies you for their paperless job fairs, such as Job Fest 2010, making your applications hassle-free.

3. Tap into your connections. Throughout your four years in college, you have probably made useful connections that could land you a job. Talk to your professors, mentors, relatives, and friends, or reach out to companies you have worked with for your internships. Give them a copy of your resume and basically just get the word out that you're looking for future employment. …