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BEST HISTORY Battle Of Britain: The Real Story, 8pm, BBC2 OF THE spate of recent programmes related to the 70th anniversary, this is the most incisively analytical. Historian James Holland sets the stirring story in a wider context, with the help of testimony from German veterans (Such as Luftwaffe bomber pilot Hajo Herrmann, pictured), and extraordinary documentary material, including transcripts of recorded conversations between captured German pilots.

stirring story in a wider context, with the BEST SERIES RETURN Glee, 8pm, TV3 THERE'S plenty of black humour in the second series of the award-winning highschool set musical comedy which returns tonight. Having narrowly lost out in the regional finals, McKinley's glee club is determined to take the trophy this year, but a new student is causing Rachel (Lea Michele) a headache.

BEST WILDLIFE Lost Land Of The Tiger, 9pm, BBC1 THIS series has already made headlines with its discovery that tigers can live and breed at high altitude. In this second episode, the team strike out from base camp into wild and challenging territory, and Gordon Buchanan sets up remote cameras far and wide.

REVOLUTIONARY VIEWING 1916 Seachtar Na Casca, 9. …