Highest Wages, Lowest Quality of Life

Article excerpt

Byline: Ian Carey

FOR those who have been dealing with the consequences of economic meltdown it will come as no surprise, but a study suggests the quality of life in Ireland is the worst in 10 European countries.

Research found that while Irish people earn the most in the EU, the benefit is wiped out by the high cost of living, late retirement age and lack of sunshine.

Alcohol and gas prices in Ireland are the highest in Europe, according to the survey of life and living costs in ten leading European nations. And the price of drink here is 50 per cent higher here than the European average and more than double the price in Germany.

When it comes to heating your home, Irish families also face the highest gas prices in Europe. The average gas price here is [euro]1 .50 per unit [gigajoule] of energy compared to just [euro]9 in Poland.

Ireland also has the second highest electricity cost after Italy. And the cost of diesel and cigarettes were also above the European average.

The average retirement age here is now the highest in Europe at 4. …